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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Don't Wanna Be Here (Cool For August)

Something's wrong, my mind is gone. It won't be long before I lose it made. I will crawl into my soul to Find a way to escape this Sorry world. Don't take offense by my Cold-hearted nature I can't escape the dreams of my head And where is the voice of yesterday's cries Take me away from all your lies. I don't wanna be here For the rest of my life I don't wanna be here Something's wrong...I don't belong here Staring at the people, they talk about Whispering words to spite my passion I'll move on maybe I'll live in chance Now it don't make sense why you're Just like the rest It's easy to see I am the one you attest Oh this awful life has a change as the hours As you pass before my eyes Downtown isn't the future there All of my repsect for you go get washed away Now that you've come back to me You give yourself, That's all that I need. CHORUS You know I'll be here You know I'll be here