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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Trials (Cool For August)

I made a breakout just the other day I thought it was time to make it right Taking a train to nowhere looking back at the past Living a life of destruction as my fate As a world that I love to hate But I'm saved again Saved by a little realizing and a whole lot of pain And all the time that I spent And all the time that slipped away ain't over Trials fade away I made a breakout just the other day This time I knew that it wasn't right Three people torn to pieces from a child's past And the tears like rain pourin' down this broken face It was all that I could take I made a breakout just the other day And you know then, that's the way life goes on 'Till somebody came to me and everybody showed me That everybody lived and everybody won't She was lost at sea, it was destined to be That life goes on without you. And I came to.....