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Demons And Diamonds (White Wizzard)

Floods and famine rape the dusty land Devils orchids bloom in desert sands Power dynasties and monarchies Shaping the new worlds destiny Kings and Queens wage bloody wars Power and gold still seeking more Enslaved by greed and tastes of sin The new world order shall begin Light that once was inside of men's souls Black with greed and demonic control Dark alien looks on from afar Awaiting the rise of the seventh star Demons scream as seeds are sewn in sin Men enchanted by the devil's grin Blood on the hands of all now sets the stage Eve of a new time and of a new age Religion and power a dark possession Gods and idols a lost obsession Seeking a key the gates of Babylon Demons took man on a carpet ride Diamonds blinded him from the divine Forever a slave the curse goes on and on Men consumed as lust for power grows Storms of war bring forth a blackened rose Centuries pass the song remains the same Men still chasing Gods with different names