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Night Train To Tokyo (White Wizzard)

Walking streets on a summer night See her there under neon light Lipstick, Leather, Silky skin My body burns My head it's spinning Possessed by fire - I can't control Feel the devil - in my soul Demon prowler - takes my mind In the night - I'm gonna make her mine Oh she's got me, Yeah she has me Chasing her down like a crazy dream Got me spellbound, spinning around Mind turning evil, the devil inside yeah She's a dynamo In the fires of sin we go and she's swinging low On the night train to Tokyo Night train to Tokyo Lookin'at the girl with jade green eyes Puts me in a trance and mystifies Night wing lady riding the wind Dressed to kill and in for sin Going down the alley My midnight goddess Walking in the shadows of dark abyss My love is ready to strike her down I creep up as she turns around Pulling her close I bring her in Kiss those red lips taste like sin Submissive angel going down Dreams of love as we hit the ground