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Starman's Son (White Wizzard)

Man prays to the sky searching for an answer Glass reflects a soul searching for truth Conflicted by evil running in his ancient veins history of his past troobled with pain Demons on his shoulder dancing with temptation To walk the road of greed like many before Light he feels inside his soul seeking revelation Hiding in the shadows of violent wars Screaming at the sky Why must all men die Where is eternal life Is there a god in the sky an almighty on high Praying to the stars he sees a Light so bright flickers like a candle in autumn moonlight Brings an image of a man a son of the Gods Hoping he can save his soul from being lost Praying tp the skies Lost men blind their eyes We all seek a messiah to show us the way A Lord on high to take the darkness away Where is the light that we seek Lost in the void as our minds grow weak Forever lost in a quest to be reborn Where is our star man's son Our god - our chosen one Will he save us all Or have we missed the call There is no messiah or king on high The only answer remains in you and I We must join to rise up and quest to be free So love can conquer-fulfill destiny Our light will shine and live to carry on We shall illuminate burning so strong A new sun will rise up into brighter day Hope forever living on truth lights the way