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West L.A. Nights (White Wizzard)

Driving west on the boulevard watching the sunset in the sky Good times all around me yeah I'm feeling free and flying high Girls dressed to kill walk by as the moon is rising Streets alive with the glitter of hopes and dreams and fantasizing The Santa Ana winds are blowing through my soul Makes me want to lose all self control The rainbows rocking and the boys are ready to go Oh Oh... Rocking in the streets and I'm feelin' alright My soul is a rollin' in the neon lights Riding the stars on a West LA night, West LA night The place where rockers used to rule You still hear that magic sound An earthquake of those crazy times Shakes it's energy all around Everyone gambling one more time, shooting for a royal flush Magic flowing through your veins in the night you feel the rush Dreams are always golden and they always shine City of Angels you'll always be mine