Haunted Earth (Toxik)

They are here to take away The visions of our future With their words of empty praise, of peace Politicians butcher You know your mind is bending With your stare so blind You're here to do their bidding, to kill All that's left behind We must always live For our earth Haunted Earth We shall never be The same again Haunted Earth Turn your cheek and they will smite you At their lords command From the book of forgotten prophets, you sin Sinners will be damned Machines of death will reap the slayer's harvest The body count is high Ten thousand souls are lost forever, in Hell Where no one dies The dogs of war are howling at you Can't you see the signs? The art of war is an ancient syndrome, of death For all mankind They raise the curtain of the act violence They take their final bow Twisting bows of propaganda, they speak As if they're proud PROUD!