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Pain And Misery (Toxik)

One day you'll wake up And life will have no meaning Except that feeling in your veins Another blast another line You'd hardly do it Your lungs are craving That cocaine Well, all your friends Will sit and watch you do it And when it's time they'll do the same You taste the smoke It's the evil that's inside you You know the winner of the game Oh no, can't you feel the pain? Can you feel the misery? Well, time goes on And you feel your body slipping There's no control, you're a slave You breathe in deep And be sure your hearts still pumping You ain't ready for the grave One more time And you promise the you will quit But today's just not the day Everyday you give that Same old sermon Still you crack your life away Today they found you In your room, your eyes were empty A stem of a glass clutched in your hand Your heart had stopped And your life had left you Dead young American