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Time After Time (Toxik)

Time to understand How my mind's been altered To see what they want me to see How the truth's been filtered ____ [lyric sheet has a blank underline] After all I've seen, so many die - die! Living life through the screen, a life that is just a lie And the preacher who said he was pure And the false tears that stain the screen When he's caught with his favorite whore [Chorus:] Time after time All my thoughts are implanted time after time All my views have been slanted A source of all the answers A cause of animosity Drugs and sex, tonight on Geraldo A morbid curiosity After all I've seen so many die - die! I've seen our president telling lie after lie And there's third world news everyday A hunger for freedom that's needed today [Chorus:] Time and time again we see The cycle continues Programming designed to drain The soul that's within you After all I've seen so many die - die! Searching for the pot of gold Praying to the dollar sign We could turn black and white to gray But the bigotry and ignorance just won't go away Save the children on a distant shore When they're starving and homeless dying at our door Time after time Took my mind for granted Time after time My free will is abandoned Time after time All my thoughts are implanted Time after time - all my views