Deep Fried Frenz (MF DOOM)

Before we go any further, friends As you call ?em they call you when they need somethin? Trees for the blunt, two G's for the front I found a way to get peace of mind for years and left the hell alone Turn a deaf ear to the cellular phone Send me a letter or better, we could see each other in real life Just so you could feel me like a steel knife At least so you could see the white of their eyes Bright with surprise once they finish spittin? lies Associates, is your boys, your girls, bitches, niggaz, homies? Close, but really don't know me Mom, dad, comrade, peeps, brothers, sisters, duns, dunnies Some come around when they need some money Others make us laugh like the Sunday funnies Fam be around whether you paid or bummy You could either ignore this advice or take it from me Be too nice and people take you for a dummy So nowadays he ain't so friendly Actually they wouldn't even made a worthy enemy Read the signs, no feeding the baboon Seein? as how they got your back bleeding from the stab wounds Y'all know the dance, they smile in your face, y'all know the glance Try ta put 'em on, they blow the chance Never let your so-called mans know your plans How many of us have them? A show of hands Friends is a term some people use loosely I'm real choosy on what I choose to let crews see You telling me, I try to act broke Jealousy, the number one killer among black folk Fellas be under some type of spell like crack smoke Ghetto Cinderellas, lead 'em right to your stack, loc Just another way a chick'll lead to your end I check the dictionary for the meanin? of ?Friends? It said, person, one who likes to socialize with Sympathize and help her and that's about the size of it Most of the time these attributes is one-sided To bolster the crime they opt to shoot you through your eyelid And they can't hide it goin? wild like a white bitch Sometimes you need to cut niggaz off like a light switch Click, and when things get quiet Catch 'em like a thief in the night, bow, what a riot I first met Mister Fantastik at a arms deal Don't let it get drastic, think of how your moms will feel When it get for real the steel get to sparkin? Everything darken and ain't no talkin? For somethin? so cheap it sure buys a lot of trouble You better off focusing than tryin? to plot the bubble Or else it'd be a sad note to end on, the guns we got One's we can depend on, friends Some come in the form of co-dependence A lotta times only end up bein? co-defendants Ten bucks say they?ll tell for a lower sentence And leave you up under the jail beggin? for a penance It don't make no sense, what happened to the loyalty? Honor amongst crooks, trust amongst royalty I'd rather go out in a blaze, than give 'em the glory How many of us have a similar story, friends? Before lovers we used to have some type of over standing Just so when I let her get the man-thing she know it?s no strings We could do the damn thing but, hoe, it?s no rings Just how the tramp swings, will she see 'em again? That depends on how good was the skins And could she memorize the lessons It ain't no need to pretend Even though she let 'em stab it, she know they just, friends Friends, how many of us have them? Friends, ones we can depend on? Friends, how many of us have them? Friends, before we go any further