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Gas Drawls (MF DOOM)

By the way, I read up on bad dreams bag up screams in fiftys be up on mad schemes that heat shop like jiffy-pop(pop) in a instant get smoked like winston ciggarettes ho's get ripped off like nicorette (patch) in real life the real trife scene might snatch ya life like a-ssault machine rifle dead up setup like bull-fight be blunted how we like couldnt white or in full flight the unemotional call me anti-social on the run off the gun death tally commercial death valley? is like rehearsal to the streets to my peeps G.M. MF on the beat rhymes is chosen like the weapons of war so keep from steppin on my floor or delivery front door I bring it to ya'll motherf**kers master yours my disaster cause- hell- and gas drawls the super villain- cooler than a million i be chillin still quick to slice squares like sicilian dont make me have to hurt them feelins ill ruin you in the dirt that i be doin in my dealins sendin spirits through the ceilin'- chrome peelin'- dome blown within the comforts of your own home grown big wheelin' and high rollin' I hold the lye- it keeps the sty on my eye swollen holdin, and , known as massive-versatile, Id like to big-em-up monster-isle uummm, yeah I saw you in hell wit dem gas drawls To my brother Subroc- and black ju I crack brew for- two more, three men, two up, I hit the brew up like- nobody knoowwss... how X the unseen feels when givin crews a brush with death like between meals two times a day wit brothers thats tight like a noose wit more rhymes in use than doctor seuss or motherf**kin' mother goose X is da suspicious flirter who every hooker hearda' next to malicious murda' a track type vicious fulfillin the pipe wishes ?????? may be legal minus the baby eagle any given summers eve- dont breathe sixteen shots i do believe- and one up the sleeve... master of the O who predict ya last pause- i told ya'll hell and gas drawls- breakin- glass and plastic jaw- like federal drastic law fed up from fightin' secret war wit' them fantastic four- (invisible bitch) versus Doom wit' the metal face before I go to state the ho better settle case the flow is at pedal pace steady like tricycles beware all suckas is froze like icicles... (bag 'em up) and baggin' bitches like nickels cause I licked 'em where they tickle before I hit the clit though imma spit till I pronounce more hits than a ounce no doubt about ta bounce, X the unannounced- im out and i like to give a shoutout, to the brother jet-jaguar Megalon... and King Ghidra I call this joint right here Gas Drawls In hell wit yours