Go With The Flow (MF DOOM)

Big up all the Monsta Island massive And beware before I triple dare you like the last kid Who asked me what we don't got that you got son For one, flow that's elementary my dear Watson Secondly, ever since I was little Not so much to riddle, least rhyme to the syllable Keep tracks that make a Arab thief clap With no hands, I chopped these drums off Truly Yours, G Rap Actual fact, relax In this land of lyrical lost, black I'm not the cool sleestak The one who might stop and talk to you Poisoned a few, niggas who be biting styles I'm like pork to Oooh...what you got to lose? Let mud fly When I got blues I chew whole crews that's bud dry So I ask why the styes from the cess Shit be fucking with my eye as I pull it to the chest The super motherfucking villain grip the mic with an iron hand Throwing emcees to the fire from out the frying pan It ain't no use in trying, man, son stop crying Fronting like you death-defying, you need to stop lying Speak your piece only once you're spoken to first Now let me hear your verse while I'm choking you With well refined rhymes like a editor Throw them to my collection of skulls and spines like Predator Fuck around, the only niggas who could hear the same sound (who?) Was Jet Jaguar and James Brown (Yeah, yeah only them two niggas?) And I'm glad I took the time to write their names down to big 'em up (True, true) I'd like to say hi It's Sci.Fly the odd Merlin That's quick to whip up a script like Rod Serling Who eye on bad bitch who used to whip the Sterling Who see God toke but never see God hurlin' My man Grimm had his little monkey like Space Ghost Me myself I got flavors that out-taste most With numb gums, some rhymers is lactose Back to you MF Doom, you late show host S to the U to the P E R-uh Who chronicle these times in a 3-D horror Thriller porno co-starrer in a realer drama Who break bread with stingy kin-men, indian borrower Lone gunman who candidly flip fly flows Single-handedly with one eye closed In a fly pose, no shirt Alayé May see me stack the quarter-mill cash pay That's in a smash way how he did it Motherfucker probably couldn't peep it past a minute