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I Hear Voices (MF DOOM)

Tossing, turning, dreams of murder, someone's killing me Of changes, there's nights I'm on a killing spree All done cold blood waking up in cold sweats This is such a cold world unconscious getting death threats Shadows choking me, my last breath lets out my body It's a conspiracy, my mind and my body's not really down with me Me against the whole world? It's a little deeper Me against my self, I fight the Grim Reaper Swing sickle and got my Glock bust rounds off Demented, schizophrenic, I know this sounds off to you I do not lie, when I doze off spirits hope I die, whatever Angels waste the time, they work together Scheme and plot on me, 'cause I'm the son of man I hear voices from a dog like Son of Sam Don't give a damn if the bullets fill me I don't wanna live, I hope they kill me Put me out my misery, I live in misery I kill all my enemies, 'cause I live comfortably Those who seek me, are called wise men Or either wise-guys I prey you comprehend And realize I'm condemned No rest, homicidal dreams My cellmate, all he do is scream Out loud how he wants to go home That's funny, I'm here all-alone Locked, in a single cell, His back's bleeding, he's cold as hell And I'm hoping, they turn on some heat I call the C.O. to bring some extra sheets 'Where'd he go?' he walk through walls, run halls, I prey 'teach Me' They don't seem him at the health try to reach me I say 'please see how he feels' They say 'he's alright but he's not real' Evaluations say I suffer from depression Hallucinations, self-corration's what they're guessin I'm here doing years, I'm stressin' Medicate me, sedate me want me to rest an' Don't take that won't be best an' He said I need his help and he needs me 'Nigga you walk through walls, go home you're free' Home, that was far and he was turned off 'Cause his wings was burned off A lesson was learned, communicate with one I was chosen 'cause I'm God's son And I'm the retarded one! (sings) Out in the streets You won't survive with wack-ass beats (we can see that!) These days and times Watch as we get ours with rhymes To my metal face bro's with stomach's of cast iron Who been into when in blast to the last siren On the slow-mo the calm artist with the so-so chick Chased them all like Cairo did to Slobodan Milosovik Anyhoo, how 'bout them Yankees Once I leave off-stage the party people thanks mee's If I may speak freely nasty like the freaky-deeky At your local sleazy speak-easy Famely fan of the limelight In the mic stand was a phallic stick of dynamite It's risky business like hand-to-hand crack sale With rappers who's better off on the cover of Black Tail Jump into Taloosophat (???) who's that Who cat's who do magic like 'tell me how you do's that' Heck no, especially those who cop pleas like gecko Thought I might do techno Ha ha, betcha bust out laughing at the bet For no reason he get cussed out like Tourette Yet tight flow to make her bad ass stutter Or even crack a smile from a mad fast cutter But ah, word play since third grade age Back when we used to play 'Bang! Open bird cage' Hip hop Benny Hill's to penny straight Get every penny weight then he chill, at any rate My metal face hold with tongue release I-ring (???) Do yourself, I will continue to do my thing Like Kung-Fu fighting everybody was biting Then the super-villain struck again like lightening In the same spot (bzzz!) now what's the chance of that And a name drop like pick the name out the hat That's a known drop from the, liver-conniver Who vote player out the rap game like Survive while I-ah Drop through greens like a nerd cat wheeling ten speed So way back spin your back and then freeze While I play high-ball, low-ball, to zero So called rhymers, go call Cleo While I, steal the show like tho-so-try hickling (???) Super duper stars need auto tricycling Sometimes the men, mostly from the women I hear voices saying that's the super-villain (uhn, I hear voices) Mostly from the women... I hear voices... Super-villain