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Kon Karne (MF DOOM)

Darker than the east river, larger than the Empire State Where the beats to guard the barbed wire gate Is on the job, not my fate, tired of the wait To the villain bring deliverance from the Dire Straits Fire at a higher rate, why'd they make the liars Fliers scatter, buy a plate, isolate the wires Try the straight pliers if not the vise grips A real price saver way to acquire nice whips What a steal for real on wheels of steel Stunner a funner summer number one meal deal, bummer A bizarre phenomenon is your armor on Take your cash coma or break your fast, Ramadan Trans action drama, aw, come on, Barney Clack, clack, pardon me wack rap, Kon Karne He came to feed the children's like Sally Strothers After that he's going back to Cali where's the love is Wilder than the Nile, old power like the Great Pyramid of Giza, And stay leanin? like the tower of Pisa Give him something he can feel that's off the squeeza Raw with the pen and on the mic off the hezza Get shot off that wide eye talk If he had a pot he'd still piss on the sidewalk Can't take the street out the street person Looking for the perfect beat could worsen into heat bursting They couldn't spot him on the spot date Got the only tape that comes with a free hot plate Whoever do get to see me sing With the 3-D ring, sittin? stationary like B.B. King Can see how it really sting, it ain't no front row Standing room only at the motocross stunt show The ruckus ain't up to snuffilufigus Me and Sub is like the brown Smothers Brothers My love is faster than the seven seas, bigger than mount Kilimanjaro If they don't know fill them in tomorrow on the horror show I'm into no return Bob?s record Swear to God before he gets a job he robs Hackard Blessed with a hot flow, tested and got doe Invested and stressed the best to finesse a opto As I reminisce never forgot when I was very broke Shot the Henny straight, couldn't afford to cop the cherry coke Or should I say broke with wealth To know enough to give them just rope to yoke they self Playin? me before I take the ring and pawn it The long arm of the law couldn't even put they fingers on it Dog on it, do the statistics How he bust lyrics was too futuristic for ballistics And far too eccentric for forensics I dedicate this mix to Subroc, the Hip Hop Hendrix