Kon Queso (MF DOOM)

Give it a sec for the pain to start This wreck right here, it ain't for the faint of heart They thought they saw the worst verse From the team of G men who seem like nerds at first Once they get to know us people dig us Leaders in the fight for equal rights for niggaz Inventor of the more demented flow, nobody doubt it Just go for it, if you bout it bout it or rowdy, rowdy Whatever?s clever, the master fold Who every hooka heard of but now, ho, no If we see tomorrow, the next day classes The villain in the back with the x-ray glasses Have no fear, the ninja here Feel ?em like the tinge in your ear from drinkin? ginger beer When it's on loco head gon' lay low And heat it like beef patty, coco bread kon queso If you say so lace the whole case load They say he wear a metal mask in case his face show He told ?em they flows is bitch talk and ayo's His whole crew walk with pitchfork and halos Say, ho, if you never worked a J-O And keep more cash then a stash in a peso Okay, yo, y'all know who to follow Tie ?em up in the crib and leave the place hollow Oh, shoot the goose, she?s loose So wild you couldn?t chase it down with straight fruit juice Frown like the first time you taste cous cous Stash the deuce deuce, troops askin? truce, truce Today on intense wreck week We have the super villain in his own defense to speak It's all part of my mental techniques Available to freaks and pencil neck geeks Train the same brain to a insane train of thought On a campaign trail he came to gain your support Charge cash for a autograph Say some shit to make your daughter laugh then slaughter the ass Seem ?em on the big screen like Steve McQueen Do something and never be back once he leaves the scene Keep more medicated pads than Stridex For his own side wrecks with no known side effects Before you press charges use your noodle So what when he grab the mic he scratch your cute cuticles Keep your mouth shut, everything will be beautiful It would be often rude to you, now get back to your hooty hoo Damn it, it ain't worth the drama, can it From the calm bandit eat rhymers like pomegranate Soon as he stepped in he lit the room Boom, reschedule my noon with Britt Hume Doom in love with Mary Jane, she's my main thing Pulled her right from that web head, what a lame brain Maintain and say it, don?t spray it You wanna see your girl again, you might as well pay it If I had a dime for every rhymer that bust guns I'll have a cool mil? for my sons in trust funds When I was broker than a broke dick dog I always kept a L to smoke in thick fog When it rain it sure do thunderstorm I got more rhymes in the summer than musty underarms One, two, microphone checker First learned to neck off a Home Ec homewrecker This is back when he was like crib age When he hit the stage it?s like a gauge to the rib cage Break the mic like a rock star, break a guitar Jump off the stage like, yee haw