Have Mercy (Starlito)

I been up three days Shit's absurd, Man, all this shit's absurd Shot lil' homie, Got his face to the curve Pull up at the liquor store, Still tryna get served Run my way, shit's sweet(?) We ain't get desert Ride, want my piece of the pie And an extra slice Hood and a piece of the pie Tryna sell it twice And a set of dice I'm tryna bid it out I got this piece, cause there's no peace I got to sit it out My fish work a t the bank like zivaka(?) Can't get rid of us Independent like me Illest with no signats Started out with thug lyrics I'm fucked up from drugs and bad business, bro Thank God I wouldn't paint my head rhytm(?) Cause I love fast cars and Lust after faster women Something of a slogan, keep pushing your Pants to the limit Same time, it's money, These niggas don't last a minute [Hook] I'm just a product of this fast life Clientella, building product, got my game right Cause being broke, that's in my past life Last night could have been my last night I do whatever just to eat, nigga Go hard, I barely sleep, nigga No mercy for a weak nigga Lord have mercy for a street nigga Hood nigga tryna make it out Till the Reaper sleep ya, Other people come and take your hat These hard times got me stressing Sipping, smoking pot This why I'm focused on some ways So I can shake the spot Motor block so I can make it rock Time, money's on my shoes, Lays tryna race a clock I'm young (?) on a paper chase I'm afraid I'm in these streets tryna make a plate Money talk I comprehend, that's what I'm stuck on You ain't bout the same thang, get the fuck on Smoking thromp while my pockets getting their buss on I'm chopper cocking for haters plotting tryna get their tough on Cause when you in the front, you gotta watch your back Even your side, I'm just talking facts One eye open when I sleep, nigga I'm just a paranoid street nigga [Hook]