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Sunshine Girl (J Boog)

Oh oh oh oh, petah long side j boog Oh oh, oh oh, with a sound from da sun yeah She's a sunshine girl lighting up my world She's to me she makes me say woah, woah, woah, woah, woah woah She so sweet it makes me say woah woah woah woah woah woah She's so sweet it makes me say woah Gonna play it real smooth try to not get tied in, Gaddah build courage and my confidence, Take it real cool your heart I wont no when, My conshence straight cause you make me fall in sin Body bad make me wanna pull out me lightah Courisma shoot out like a gysah, Breaks me a people light beside yah The woman is hottah den da fiyah, I'm burning with love and I love to love her, I said forever I love to love I said this girl is so fly yes she's hot like a fire, She's the sweetest looking shortie that ah I ever seen She's a girl that I never seen, only in my dreams, Now it my reality and I do not wanna leave, I said she can be all, all that I'll ever need, Needed in my live to bring me stability I said she can be all, all that I'll ever need, Yes I love this girl thats blazing hot like a fire so I say I met this girl in magarita vill, But this sweet little girl said she was from brazill, No me say j boog it doesn't even maddah, She could have come from tanganyahla from samoa, Fiji salaman islands, or new caladonia, Or even hawaii the land of sweet pakalolo Petah I've seen girls all ovah, A numbah galore, but this one I'm sure of and I'll never let go [Chorus]