Sometimes It's Hard (Lawson Jamie)

Sometimes it's hard To speak what's on your mind To leave your past behind To hope that you can find a way through circumstances You could not control A sadness deep into your soul That you cannot disregard Sometimes it's hard Sometimes it's hard to get through your working day And find the words to say Everything's okay When you differently inside You feel you're gonna break Your life is full of the same mistakes And it seems to fall apart Sometimes it's hard There is no easy answer There is no miracle cure Clouds they tend to cast a shadow over what is pure Rest assured this will not last Rain that falls it has to pass And the sun it will shine again The sun it will shine again Rain oh rain please go away Come again another day Maybe we'll be a little stronger then Sometimes it's hard To be who you know you are To find a place to start over and stay calm And find the silver lining I know you're gonna come through There is strength inside of you And yours is a beautiful heart Sometimes it's hard Sometimes it's hard