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Been On My Grind (Dej Loaf)

I've been on my hustle It ain't too many people I look up to I've been grinding, I've been grinding I've been grinding, I've been grinding I've been grinding Look, I've been on my grind all week I ain't been getting no sleep But that shit don't matter to me My momma said "it should matter to me" She said "your health is everything" Momma I've been road running I just signed a few deals and the shows coming I can't let my fans down, I gotta run it up I can't let a bitch catch me, fuck a runner up I said "lets turn the summer up" All these other girls quiet, word to my mother Man I put that on the bible All this gossip people talking, man they got me fucked up They want to see me down, broke bad on my luck I don't trust nobody rather do it on my own Get them squares out your circle, leave them pussy boys alone Leave them pussy boys alone Niggas with hidden agendas, I hope you offended Cut the middle man out, I need all of my interest Cause niggas don't have passion, they just in it to fit in I'm really in this shit to finish, niggas goofy they grinning too much Get the fuck out my business A lot of these niggas, they was raised like hoes You ain't gotta be a killer to get my respect, pussy nigga Ay just play yo role, you boys shaped like hoes Y'all hate like hoes, we move different ain't like those We ain't gon' fall, we ain't gon' fall We ain't gon' fail, we ain't gon snitch We ain't gon tell, nigga (Why would we do that, huh? You gotta ask yourself) Look, I done been broke before I ain't going back (naw) Lil bro just came home he said "he ain't going back" So I gotta protect him, I feel like I've been neglected Ready for change but don't wanna work at no register So, just imagine all that pressure on me Man, this shit is chess not checkers homie Can't get to you, we'll probably get your homie Don't get stuck in living in the moment I was raised by real niggas no Jabronie's Said I was raised by real niggas no Jabronie's I'm a living legend nigga Kony Kony Ridin' with the woo, got my Kony Tony Tony, Toni Braxton, or Anita Baker Left wrist skating, diamonds dancing like Jamaica I keep a couple niggas, but ain't got a lot of patience If I want it, Imma take it, ain't trynna sound like no rapist I be in the D, bake potatoes all like papers I know why niggas mad cause I never need they favors And I still rock with bucks, I ain't never had a trainer Miami beach trippin' got the doors off the wranglers Times get hard, old friends call you stranger But I ain't even change, I just bought something I made it You should be happy, you should want to do the same shit A boss is way more then just given out a paycheck No music, couple old friends turnin' the bases I'm getting closer to God, I'm getting back to the basics I've been had the vision since That's So Raven And I never needed to said things, I knew I was greater If I stayed the same, they would've love it Performing in my room to performing out in public It's 2k15, niggas score getting bucket Let them pussies have it, make it feel it in they stomach, nigga (We gon' make them feel it every single time, every time. I mean why not?) (It feel like, I've been waiting my whole fucking life for this.) I've been on my grind all week (I ain't going back) I ain't been getting no sleep But that shit don't matter to me (We tryna fuckin' win man)