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Bird Call (Dej Loaf)

[Verse] Aye , that's that bird call All these haters got my nerves bad Writing rhymes in my word pad, feeling like I can't be touched Drinking VOSS as a chaser I got to get this paper for my unborn creations Promise we gon' live it up, we ain't worried about haters I promise they gon' give it up, and if not we gon' take it I got a temper this short and I barely got patience He got a dick this long, I think he from Jamaica These niggas talking like they killers, I just call them pretenders I'm getting money with my niggas, I don't want y'all around me Ain't drop an album in two years these dummies thinking I lost it They done buried me alive, i'm bout' to climb out this coffin Let me find out that you hating, Imma fucking assault you Put a hammer to your head, got some shit that would shock you Put the plug in your ass, that's them battery chargers Heard your plug had a shortage, need a battery charged I'm looking in the sky like damn they can't handle your daughter Fuck they mean I'm trying to pull up in that Phantom or something Dirty Sprite, Cream Soda, dirty Fanta or something I couldn't work no 9 to 5 , I wasn't good taking orders But I promise with this music I be feeling immortal I swear she would have been a beast, R.I.P. cousin Portia And just for you I'm a cop me like two of them Porshes I was down on my luck I had to use all my sources No magazine spreads, couple funeral service Time to clean the hood up, that community service We ain't tipping no dancers, y'all bitches be worthless Might pull up to the club in like two of them suburbans I touch souls nigga, from the hood to the burbs' Bitches steady sending shots, they confusing their words I'm a dog with this shit, I pooper scooper these turds Diamonds dancing like Omarion in You Got Served Tell that lame she don't want it, I been getting money Stop flashing that little jewelery cause my little homies on it They'll snatch it right up off your neck Flaunt your shit then sell it back Nikki said "Stop holding back", they sleeping on me, taking naps It's time to wake these pussies up, big dog to these cats All I know is keep it real, all I know is stating facts All I know when I get home, ain't gonna' do no turning back All y'all know is turning up, don't know how to get a check I know it's my time now, I don't think they get it yet Open up your lid and put a symbol on your fitted cap Think about it, let it sit Yeah bitch, remember that? He think that we going far, he should have used this thinking cap Old flames calling me, they trying to rekindle that But they know i'm about my money, they know i'm not into that Sneak dissing twitter shit, I ain't with the internet Log off and get smacked, I ain't with the chitter chat Million dollar baby, i'm so million dollar wavy I can't wait to make a million goin' million dollar crazy Millionaire in the making, Benjamins and them Franklins I'm running right next to greatness, yeah bitch that's a chaser Niggas be talking crazy, but they hustle so lazy I'm out here grinding for a life that could never be basic Leave you in the street, they gon' yellow that taper I'm like free my little brother, fuck the law trying to take us