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I Got It (Dej Loaf)

What up, family? Tryna wake 'em up cousin I say R.I.P. to my cousin Tryna wake 'em up cousin Walking devil, I be feeling like Jesus I don't know much about that Bible, never felt like I need it I told my mom that I got her, when I make it we even For all the years she took care of me and my brothers believin' I miss my grandma, why did she have to leave me? I had so much shit to tell her, damn man, I still can't believe it We balling out, nah, we ain't up in no bleachers You hear my songs on the radio, baby, turn up yours speakers Cause we own now and we grown now First million, go and tell 'em it's on now I still sip Arizonas And I do this shit for all of my loners Screaming to the top of my lungs like "Mama, I'mma make it" Gotta speak it to existence then you gotta have patience Just stay in your lane, fuck anybody hatin' Love don't love nobody so don't worry about datin' Just worry about Dej whether you singing or you rappin' All these bitches got opinions Cause you fucking over half 'em Anybody want war it ain't shit to get it crackin' Cause nigga where I'm from they use alleys for the caskets I'm not tryna promote violence, a lot of shit be on my conscience Never been baptized, I got demons in my body And I pray from time to time, I be like "Lord, get 'em off me" I just want to be wealthy, way more to it than money Don't nobody keep it real, half these rappers is phony They ain't really getting money, pockets flat as my stomach I don't merge in niggas' lanes, I got tunnel vision Fuck a buffalo stud no pun intended It's so hard, I still play it like Pun existed (Big Pun) Teach the kids to be bosses, no dumb decisions Look, all y'all fraud niggas, all y'all broad niggas And most of 'em foul, that's exactly why I charge bitches My niggas put up buckets, pour some soul with it You got a team full of ball hoggers and soft niggas Scared to let your mans ball, these niggas Ken dolls I'mma put me on then put my friends off Niggas try to talk to me, I put 'em in that friend zone Sophisticated thug, you know the suit, ties, the Timbs on We be off the Hen-dog, don't chase it for nothing And you be on that bullshit, basically fronting I'm basically running, anything go in front me Try to stop me, I go crazy, I get to clicking and dumping I probably leave a nigga boiling like chickens and dumplings Cornbread, cabbage, soul food, I'll blow up your muffin Fuck it, all I want is checks with them commas with no drama Respect, loyalty, money and power Round table, we gon' eat like them mobsters I'm a monster, this music shit it come so easy, I got it Bitch, I got it, oh, I got it Bitch I got it It come so easy, I got it I got it IBGM Yeah, we got it, we got it