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Lazy River (Hoagy Carmichael)

Up a lazy river by the old mill run Lazy, lazy river in the noon day sun Linger awhile in the shade of the tree Throw away your troubles, dream a dream of me You know, before your sister was born This is what your Mama did for a living Music opened a whole new world to me No matter how bad I feel, no matter how sad or sick I am I just touched these keys and poof, like magic I always seemed to feel better I've always known you had talent, Bobbie This piano is for you, Charlie worked hard for it See God wouldn't have made you suffer so much If you weren't gonna make up for it later How happy you can be Up a lazy river with me Throw away your troubles, baby Dream a dream with me Up a lazy river with me From the halfway mark To be a star, a big star You gotta be talented obviously You gotta be tenacious, have charisma But most importantly, you've gotta have it A great intangible and you've got it all, Bobbie You're gonna be bigger than Sinatra I'd settle for a little Jolson Mama, Mama, Mama Ah ah ah, there are blue skies up above Forever long as we're in love We'll be up a lazy river Up a crazy lazy river Up a lazy river I ain't goin' your way Get out of my way Up a lazy river with me