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Sword (Ashes Divide)

Spreading your love from the tip of a sword Echoing the reason that poisons you Thinking you know what's good for us all I wish I could reach out... To silence you But I'm a waste in your eyes. You say you don't need me to save you tonight. But I need to save you tonight. I'm standing alone on the brink of a stone Trying to humanise the enemy inside of you We're cut from the same cloth but we are Stained with the poison of pride We're sucking the life from the whole of the world Can't be confined or condemned to be Reduced to a place that's a violent resolve To the end they will try And silence you. 'cause we're a waste in their eyes The grace they describe Won't save you tonight. Spreading your love from the tip of a sword Echoing your reason that poisons you Of all your fear, love, anymore?? Let pride come before a fall I wish you could see and leave for something more Than the things I'm confined and condemned to be They will know our needs and we won't be ignored So that we may see some light Don't let them silence you 'cause you're a waste in their eyes There's a grace inside of you... I need tonight...