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Dressed In Blood (Embryo)

Moral decay Values decline This is my life surrounded and blinded By what you want for me Indoctrinated to follow all your patterns To be one of the most My life has been ruled by schemes that I can't bear By chains for my mind I can see now clear into my mind What's left to do to satisfy The need of living that for years You made me give up I don't need no sorcery 'cause what You made me it's not a spell but just A fuckin' try to annihilate my personality Youth corruption Mental rapes It's time to release what lies inside of me No more a slave Erasing you and all you forced me to be Spreading your blood Dressed in blood I see your blood Flowing out of you and then Cover me Hot and red Through my hands is spilling out In your eyes Fear shines bright Lightening in me the rage For your life Consciousness Leaves your minds And increases in me the hate For the time I have wasted And the things I left behind For you Smahsing you With my hands I can feel adrenaline Flow in me, flowing in me Lies! Desecrate you, exasperate you Hanging you on a rising tree You can't escape me, closer to me You can't find my truth Now I am free from your influence I can live my life Following what I find it's right for me I'll do my way