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One Way Left (Embryo)

You hid from the neon lights The embrace of darkness was your only mate You lie in the cameras’ eyes (now) The downgrade of humanity between your thighs “Why is he doing it to me?” “How can man be so mean?” You try to protect your mind Changing your body into an empty doll But his eyes Penetrate the intimacy of your world “Why don’t you let my dreams live on?” “Why do you want to fray my soul?” “God damned, when will I give my deliverance?” Condemned, you hope to die to heal the suffering One way left, the throbbing vein crossing his dirty neck Bite, don’t slacken your hold And then bite again until his blood fulfill your rage Your rage You, now, (look) deep into his eyes And find yourself alive despite his will to kill you He lies helpless and dead Inanimate puppet on your blood-stained chest “God, was he one of your sons?” “Tell me now what is right and wrong!”