Get That Dough (B-Real)

I never let 'em see me sweatin, only money I'm gettin I bet you're bettin I'm losin I'm refusin to give in I don't follow nobody, I'm a leader so watch me I think you're thinkin solutions but it's useless to stop me Any hate that you send me, you won't break me or bend me I'm out to get it I'll set it off on any who envy Should you try to come at me, you ain't takin a penny We hustlers hustle for dollars and we ballers got plenty I see plotters and schemers, the suckers and dreamers We heat the heaters you bleedin if we leavin the Beemers We tryin to feed our family, tryin to hustle like Camby Connections connect and we postin a poster with Brandy You see poppers I'm poppin, but you don't see the coffin I see you starin apparent that you're optin for options I feel tragedy comin, humanity's buggin You need to get it together if you plan to be somethin I'm on the grind baby, I've got to go I'm 'bout my hustle homey, I've got to show I'm on a mission baby get that dough And once I get it gotta get some mo' (2x) You take the game and its repercussions, all the money I'm touchin Jackers jackin believe me if they see me they're rushin So I gotta be fitted, yeah my heaters are hidden Money's money it ain't funny you dummies won't get it I dare you kids to follow, just know the tips are hollow Protect your neck in a second you checkin out tomorrow We on the corner grindin, turnin from coal to diamonds Nothin from nothin we grindin design a place to shine and it's a dream we livin, don't be hatin I'm driven See what I see and you're learnin the reason why I'm winnin You niggaz cockroaches, you so braggadocious You talkin rugged but you crumble when trouble approaches Don't give the game to many, not meant for everybody Dollar for dollar be humble and stumble out the party Where the wolves are hungry, and they hungry for money See what I'm sayin they ain't playin their mouths are bloody I'm on the grind baby, I've got to go I'm 'bout my hustle homey, I've got to show I'm on a mission baby get that dough And once I get it gotta get some mo' (2x) It's all about survival of the fittest, you can never be skittish You hit, quit it, you leave it, in every crime committed There's no room to be sloppy, ain't no need to be cocky Get what you gettin the lesson is you need to get off me Can you handle your own? Can you make your way home? Metal for metal I'm pullin and refusin to settle Some are payin the piper, I'm ignitin the fire Higher and higher I'm movin and you're losin desire All you got is your hustle, ain't no time for no hassle Muscle for muscle they blast you and smash you laughin at you On the move for your riches, where you burnin your bridges Cheddar for cheddar but really can you handle the business? On the streets you're a legend, all the money you're spendin Bottle for bottle pretendin your reign is never-endin Never wanted the glory, so for nothin I'm sorry Body for body I'll smoke you just like a Rastafari