Next To Me (Shop Boyz)

She knows what I want She knows what I like She knows when I'm wrong She knows when I'm right She knows what it takes to get next to me I know what you want I know what you like I know when your wrong I know when your right She knows what it takes to get next to me We'll apparently your the only girl that can handle me take care of me for that reason shit I see that you charish me You selfishly fet mad when all them other bitches stare at me. I'm glad to see you can hold me down like gravity I have to be stupid just to ever ever cheat on you I lean on you and in the bed the only time I beat on you what we go through is different we fight then get intiment the shit here is getting serious and marriage now I'm sencing it but t need sometime just to get my thoughts and peace of mind and I know I broke your heart so you get a piece of mine weep and mine cause we done made it thought decent times they want to know why I wanta make you my mife. You were down for me girl when no one was When I was down and out you gave me kisses and hugs I paid little attention you always show me love Not knowing you were an angel from the heavens above