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Benjamin Twine (Ezra George)

Let me tell you about my best friend Well he's got hair down to his knees He gets along fine doing just how he please And I believe that we first met Around three years ago Well it feels like a lifetime funny how fast it goes And I remember how this one time Well I stole his sister's car And he didn't even mind no he jumped in for the ride We'd got miles away from anywhere When the panic soon kicked in We'd got it back safe and sound no one asked us where we'd been Ohh Oh Oh Ohh Oh Oh Let me tell you why his sister Why she didn't second guess She was going out of line, putting on her favorite dress And oh by God she knows she's worth it Any boy would tell you so Well a girl like that is worth her own weight in gold Ohh Oh Oh Ohh Oh Oh Now I made a promise to myself once That I would wake up by her side My best friend said that that would be the day I died Ohh Oh Oh Ohh Oh Oh [4x]