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Eucharist (Duffy Stephen)

I was born in poverty but when I was about nineteen I wrote a song called 'Kiss Me', and soon it was pay day A terraced house in that country, I thought that would do for me It's seemed to be the lilac time, but when the lilac died I went back to town and cried, I need someone who'll always love me The day after someone dies, waking little lesser lies Why do the wicked seem to survive, Eucharist song We're little more alone, the moments took that were never known They'll never see my happy home, you see them everyday I know you want to say, you won't forget we'll always love you When you're young and you fall down and cry When you're old and you fall down and died I am in between, there will never be Anywhere or sincere with anyone that I find dear Checking in around twilight, the hotel where we board the tonight I run a path and pack some books, which we will embrace Told me that your father died, when you buried him you cried You're sorry and you are surprised, he died and you were born So you don't have to mourn, live your life alone, always love you Love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you