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Galaxy (Duffy Stephen)

Like Jesus through the looking glass To Geraldine I make this pass Turn off the lights and come to bed Forget all the dreadful things I've said (I've said them all before for sure to other girls, no less demure). Tie my shoe lace help me walk But this time please don't make me talk There are things I dare not say Of who I love and in what way But Geraldine accepts me mute For silence is a stronger suit. The leaves have fallen soon will snow On Geraldine and all those below The passing years leave vapour trails Or silver patterns like those of snails I was quite sure when we passed here But rain left sky and paving clear. Love is such a fractured thing Its splinters slither in our skin We will never feel complete With time we always will compete These moments mirrored in your eyes Will stay with me till this body dies. So stay with me till this body dies Stay with me till this body dies This body dies.