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Aleister Crowley And Ordo Templi Orientis (Mystifier)

He is the wicked man of shaven head The personification of evil Never again will appear a man like him He is proud of himself and his disciples contemplate him I'm the master therion. 666. the great beast. the iniquous. the satanist Listen to me singing my satanic hymns with my ordo templi orientis The imperfect man searching for the perfect evil Do what you wilt. it shall be the whole of the law A toad croaks crucified at my altar.a woman writhes chained on my lord's table I sodomise women and animals in my ceremonies. my tortures and sacrifices are To glorify the evil. an animal sacrifice is good but a human sacrifice is best Sacrifices, degradation, obscenity, wickedness, deification, rituals, drugs I'm the devil Pervesity, mockey, sex, debauchery, evocations, sorcery, spells I'm the perpetual I'm aleister crowley & ordo templi orientis Evil by evil. my ceremonies can never stop Evil by evil. the great beast prepares to attack I ask to my scarlet woman:"quid velis?" She tears to pieces her vest and says:"ad sacrificium, offerre corpus meum" After she lies bare on lord's table.I raise the dagger!!! She writhes, groans and yells My disciples caper to the table and shout:"laus satani!!!" The deification "ad gloriam. ad majorem lucifer gloriam" Oh angel of light. lucifer. star of the morning of intelligence. venus. Oh thou fallen from heaven.I, the sinistrous man, aleister crowley, violated The whole ethical code and biblical priciple known by man in thy honor I salute thee, oh lucifer, with this sacrifice and these words because thou Protected my impure soul from the light of goodness I can hear the funeral chant of my burial.a black mass My disciples chanting my satanic hymns for mankind Hail god lucifer!!! bring me the evil light!!! Total injury. total disgust.I could be in the material world But i'm fine here. i'm among friends. the evil spirits Put satanakia, tarchimache, fleurity, agalieraps, Sargathanas, nesbiros, syrach I'm the devil Bechard, frimost, klepoth, khil, merifild, claunech, musifin I'm the perpetual I'm aleister crowley & ordo templi orientis Evil by evil. the right man in the right place Evil by evil.I hope you follow my advices I follow the left hand path I perform my rituals in hell I dominate the black arts I hold the key of mysteries I'm going to return to this world with my god and his angels lucifer!!!