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Give The Human Devil His Due (Mystifier)

Attack fire against fire, when your enemies attack you Throw the first stone, before something hit you You well know that the best defence is the attack And shan't rest until hear the enemy's last breath Peace just will come, when you triumph over the last one Eye by eye Tooth by tooth You shall retribute evil by evil Ashes to ashes Dust to dust The one who has made more victims be named the new God Sometimes, I've given love and haven't received anything back You are confounding human feelings with merchandises I've seen, All my life, the people doing thus Why don't you follow your own instinct of discernment ? But I've followed it !! The focus of tyranny and hate More despotic than the megalomaniac God But he isn't a God and he is lacking his strenght Now he feels the shock of the negative discharge in his mind Now I am here submerged in this mud, I am the worst !! And old and useless trash full of wrinkles Face our destiny Watch my sad example The world of fatality that we are creating for our fellow beings Revive yourself as me Our greatest fault is the fear to admit our wrong Hindsight won't help me to recover the time I've lost The doors are closing, wake up ! I must open your eyes to the truth The chances are against us, stand up to The man is born as a pure and wise animal But the society blinds him and taints him If he become contrary to it, he'll suffer, like me, the consequences Threatened, imprisioned, tortured, humiliated, doomed, killed and Decaptated No God, no Devil, no one can save us from the human justice Eye by eye Tooth by tooth Destroy the false conceptions which they've trained you Ashes to ashes Dust to dust Happily, for our luck, the sun rises for all It's never too late to go off the course of our life