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Moonick (why Does It Never Rain On The Moon) (Mystifier)

Alone in this room without light I don't know, if it is day or night They've drugged me day after day My friends are the phantoms of my nightmares But i will try to solve this problem Someone shall hear my pitiful cries Wrapped in this endless silence If you are hearing my plea Please, bring me the key Open that door - take me out from this place Save me - if you may not do it, i'll commit suicide I think that's the only way to escape from this None from heaven has heard me I've turned my back to them If someone anywhere help me I will pawn him my considerable love know-how This is my only wealth which i can barter for my freedom Illusion - this is one of the many drugs i've used Imagination - it is the way to survive in this Horrible and empty place Am i dreaming or becoming crazy ? A source of light is growing From the corner of the ceiling That is coming to me I'm trembling with fear The apparition scares me Does that bring me something To rescue me from this desolated isle ? If it is a dream, i hope don't awake I'll face the unknown To return to the world To recover my sanity To see again my parents To meet again my friends Be as the destiny likes "i'm the moon. The key which will open that door for you My messenger azaradel will teach you a moonick spell Now, close your eyes, sleep and dream Reveal him your occult desire" "at midnight. when the moon be full Face her and whispper the following words: "as thou influencest the tide and men's mind, Open the doors of the destiny for me As thy face shinest in the dark My desires shall realize" Matter and spirit are incompatible I don't know if it'll accomplish But, who knows ?" Every door is opening The spell became true He is free to fly high Higher than his dreams Bright as a star The loneliness torn me into pieces But thou hast helped me Now i am here to fulfil my promise Now, you close your eyes. why ? Because i'm going to make rain on the moon