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The Death Of An Immortal (according To The Astral Light) (Mystifier)

There are two ways according to the laws of the universe One starts when the another ends One is limited and the another is unlimited You just know the second passing through the first Now between the sword and the cross We shall meet it with courage Sed Lex. Dura Lex A friend of mine He died with a thousand of dreams in mind To climb the stairs to heaven with honour to meet his imaginary God A man who made never for himself and other people Is he worthy of a so wonderful end ? The law of the return - the law of the laws It has always warned us about our insanity Now listen to the sentence for our omision Hey ! Have a look as your corpse is so dirty Hey ! Have a look as your spirit is so weight Black was your past, is your present and will be your future The earth rejects you The heaven has closed it's gates Prowl, carcass and spirit, through the darkness And reflect about your sins Why must I pay for my faults now ? I'm still alive, first, you should doom them I'll be the last one I don't wanna be an example for them I don't wanna die on the cross It's a fruit from that same old tree Contaminated and full of worms The cure ? Let's not talk about it The fear of the unknown dismays them Sometimes the result comes late But the consequences are worst Disincarnated still acting as a spiritless Which sentence is worst than this ? The death of an immortal