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The Realm Of Antichristus (Mystifier)

While the night falls a gloomy mist covers the earth The wild child will come to light The holy symbols tremble and the glitter of joy is sad The lord's son of evil soon will be among us Antichristus will come. the bells begin to ring solemnly Antichristus will come. the satanists wait for their deity At midnight was born the prodigal son of evil The satanists show to the wild child his new realm He rejoices and promises the elixir of imortality to us Yhvh and jesus christ prepare to battle against antichristus Antichristus arrived. he chalenges his apponents to fight Antichristus arrived. yhvh and jesus christ hesitate face the invitation Yhvh commands his kerubs Jesus christ commands his angels Antichristus commands his demons Kerubs and angels attack and murder some demons from antichristus' battalion He becomes furious and calls for the mighty gods of evil Lucifer sends unseen demons fulminate the angels Pazuzu blows and throws dust in the eyes of the kerubs Behemoth uses his brutal force against the kerubs Astaroth murders the last live kerubs Beelzebub sends a bunch of flies to molest the angels Asmodeus tramples the angels with his chariot of fire Moloch devours the remains of the angels and the kerubs Belial announces the victory of the realm of antichristus Look as the rust corrodes the golden palace of heaven The rays become frozen in the hands of yhvh Jesus christ prowls alone in the vale of tears Antichristus salutes the mighty gods of evil Antichristus won. the bells ring solemnly Antichristus won. the evil deity says loudly: "my triumph over yhvh was an example to others"