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The True Story About Doctor Faust's Pact With Mephistopheles (Mystifier)

The prologue at heaven the archangels, god and the devil The choir of archangels sing harmonic verses in glory of god But there's a dissonance among them The devil is going to talk with god about his creatures from earth Who are searching ways over the human condition God become startled and defends his creation: "a good man knows by hear his certains way" The devil asks him:"can you tell me one of those good men??" Godthinks:"my servant, faust" The devil laughs scepitic and invites god to make a bet for faust's soul The charlatan, the doctor faust, fatigued with theology and philosophy A profound disgust with life and strong inclination towards death He thinks commit suicide, but he finds another solution The prohibited arts of damnable science may deliver him from his anguish of mind In his gothic room looking the sign of cosmos The doctor faust summons for the spirit of earth He beats irritated on the magick book and contemplates The sign of the spirit of earth He pronounces the mysterious vocables to summon the spirit of earth He lights a red flame and the spirit of earth appears on it The spirit on red flame dialogues with faust and disappears A damned dog with fiery eyes and a terrible mandible appears F:"don't growl damned dog. what do you trace?" D:"didn't you summon me?!?" F:"who are you (spectre) to invade my house?!?" D:"i'm mephistopheles. the spirit of earth. the devil" The crucial moment arrived Mephistopheles promises the joy of life to faust He doesn't hesitate and signs the pact The apostasy is complete F:"clouds accumulated above me. the full moon hides it's brightness. Ardente rays move around my head. oh mephistopheles, spirit who I summoned, My heart devotes itself for you. please, satisfy me and reveal me All secrets of the universe which I don't know" M: "hail doctor faust!!! I promise you unlimited wisdom and pleasure You can usufruct entirely what was him promised for twenty years But, after it, your soul will be mine" Mephistopheles and the doctor faust go to seek adventures Faust knew the pleasure by suffering of love and sin After twenty years the pact is concluded The servant gives himself to his new master Mephistopheles grasps him and tells him:"god could help you, if he wanted to" A heaven without hell. the dream of faust