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Creature (Fades Away)

Wonder at the beautiful creature Dancing in the flames unscathed Liken yourself to the gods Drink to your fill Sleep well in the bed you’ve made One by one by one they fall, their bodies paint the landscape with their Delicate crimson strokes Piece by piece by God forsaken piece they fall Standing ‘er so tall This ship is sinking, and the captain is dead Make haste for the deck, fare well dear friends Find Jonah inside, then bring me his head Sound all the alarms Brace for the end Glorify yourselves at the alter Praise the rebel soul called man Tie down the priest to the stone Bring forth his robe Make way for the blasphemy Disconnect this catastrophic symbiotic lie they sold to Hack away the branches from the vine Away with this hubristic narcissistic self indulgent deviation Burn, burn, burn, burn