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After Rain (Pantommind)

Slowly I awake in the same empty room Feeling lost in the illusion of the last rainy night When my visions seem so real The morning comes to rescue me Can you fly on the wings of dream Can you see the city with my eyes Morbid sadness - silence of the void It never really ends ... Oh ...sweet city waiting for another day See the light of the first morning sunray Far beyond the ancient mountains Reach for a rainbow in the sky Suddenly - your dreams come true After rain - fantasy horizons of a dream Morning freshness it embraces my soul After rain - the world seems to be born.... Becoming new once again If you are a dreamer And feel your spirit free and strong To change this rainy world And wipe away all the tears of sorrow Fly away to the land of the blind forgotten souls Dying in the sea of sin and pain But can the world ... never really change After rain the sun will dry away All the sins from your face I'll never forget that strange Rainy night When the tears from my face Felt like raindrops from the sky...