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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Slug (Only Living Witness)

Well, boy, I saw that face again today On another stranger's humbled stumbling frame I had to think to keep my Helping hands to myself Every day I hate to be this way Escape is unfulfilling, but it warms the willing Time spent wanting, wandering away from here The time comes when you run out OF good things to say I'm overwhelmed by the number of things To fight for Don't try to tell me that we're not gonna run out Escape is unfulfilling, but it warms the willing What goes on? With little help from the fearless man in charge We'll push ourselves back over the fading horizon The rhythm of this grinding beast keeps me on It's pain itself that keeps the tears from rising It's logic versus conscience I've got to lose myself in something Hide away, slide away from pulling back A pulsating bloody stump Time spent wanting something to improve Time spent wanting someone to move That it's time to lose some sense Time spent wanting something new