Royalty (Barlow Lou)

Who are your royalty, who are you trying to please Who will you follow tonight I know that look you get playing dumb for respect There when our eyes just met, off with you, go play the room What do you have in mind, kind of Frankenstein Pieces of people you know Collected, rearranged, who's around, how to change How to be perfectly cool I've seen you bend and shape, turn on me I can wait Soon we'll be here all alone Slowly reappear, not tonight I fear You've found a new you to be Someone, nothing like me Don't let me pick a fight Let me say goodnight and go ome Before I'm enraged You are getting too close to the throne Could be in me, my jealousy, making things ugly again Making me curse your name, light a fire of blame Burning what good things we had Making me nothing but sad No, it's not me, I am one of the many You've used and betrayed, in your way On your way And I know you don't know what you do When you find your king When you find your queen You'll do anything but try To be honest and true, not hide