What Is A Teenage Girl (Edwards Tommy)

Sugar and spice and everything nice That's what little girls are made of After years of acceptance That little phrase has been swept aside For the modern version Rhythm and blues and rubber soled shoes That's what girls are made of Responsible for this dramatic change Is a fun loving, giggly, chattering Unpredictable, unmanageable bundle Of vitality known as a teenage girl Years ago, one could tell The girls from the boys By the way they dressed Now that girls have adopted boys haircuts Shirts, blue jeans and jacket, it's not so easy Until you watch them walk away from you In an average day A teenager frustrates her mother Charms her father, irritates her kid brother Puzzles her teacher Befuddles her young boyfriend And in the process Thoroughly confuses herself In spite of it all She has a boundless enthusiasm For nearly everything Rock and roll music, disc jockeys Elvis you know who, sleeping late, clothes Gossip, increased allowances, chewing gum With her mouth open, of course Charm bracelets, baby sitting And large football sweaters Especially one with a star halfback in it When she's not under you feet She's on your mind And when you need her, you can find her Under pin curlers, in front of mirrors Over homework, started at bedtime Behind movie magazines And between phone calls A teenage girl loves to complain She can't stand anything about her hair Girls who flirt with her date, nosy parents And boys who don't dance Although she'll probably marry one Who doesn't dance at all A teenage girl's amazing energy Comes from a steady, well rounded diet Of pizza pie, cheeseburgers Hot fudge sundaes, malted milks French fries and sometimes, even fingernails Today's teenage girl would rather Learn pursuing than pursue learning Nevertheless, she has a unique capacity For applying things taught in school Carrying out the fundamentals Of lend lease, for example She lends and leases combs, bobby pins Autographs, shoes, bus fare And even homework answers She's unique in other ways too Nobody, for instance can guard a secret As loyally or spill it so easily No one has gone steady quite so often And suffers quite so much when in love At home in the evening A teenage girl relaxes by listening to The latest and loudest rock and roll records Her mother in the kitchen Although busily preparing the evening meal Feels a warm glow as she realizes that Her teenage daughter is really enjoying Life to it's fullest Overcome by these sentimental thoughts She wipes her hands, goes to the foot of the stairs From where the music is coming And in a sweet, motherly way, says (For Heaven's sake Will you turn that darn thing off)