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The Famous Jane (Arc Angels)

Nobody knows where she came from She was everybody's lover and everybody's Former friend With all the known variations Her story gets told again and again She was probably born in Hollywood In the era of the King Hitched hiked Highway 61 and got elected Queen She ended up on Bleeker St. Down in the underground Somebody said that she was sweet And the story got around The Famous Jane When we've forgotten all the details They'll still remember the name We met for the first time in fiction We saw Jane run-run Jane run Now Jane has become an addiction Jane's gotten serious and she carries a gun They talk about her purity They talk about her grace They talk about her standing on the corner With an electric violin case Then suddenly she disappeared But she'll be back again With a brand new face and circumstance And a whole new batch of friends Meanwhile the rumors circulate And the story never ends For the Famous Jane The Famous Jane