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Fall From A Star (Blackwood Sarah)

Never loved some one the way that I love you I always understood and promised you the truth But you kept walking, and I kept wondering, where we were going You keep saying change is just around the bend But I don't think I can believe those words again When we're on water, it's getting deeper, this ship is sinking Is this what it feels like to fall from a star You say you wanna be loved but you don't know who you are Oh and I've been waiting Yeah I've been waiting But I just can't hold on, I can't hold on anymore I can't be around to watch you do this to yourself Being here for me just isn't gonna help And it ain't easy, to know you'll need me, and I won't be here So darling shed a tear, one more before I go I hate to break your heart but mine is breaking more I just can't do this, watch you destroy this, while I still love you