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Angel And The Badman (Cash Johnny)

There was a man whose deeds were dark as night And quite by chance he rode into the light A man, wild as a dust devil with, no place to run Livin' by his wits and by his gun He met a girl like none he'd ever known She cared not for the wild oats he had sewn And, so, he laid his gun down and set his spirit free Began livin' in respectability But his old ways of thinkin' wouldn't die Could not forget the old creed he lived by And the good and bad and the right and wrong kept fightin' for his soul Till his heart and mind both went out of control But now the old saloon had lost its spell What once was laughter now was livin' hell And the hookers, guns and drinkin' in his life were out of place And in his mind he saw an Angel's face So, he burned all his bridges in a day And the Devil deeds were done and laid away And he rode out a better man than when he first rode in And the Angel got the Badman in the end