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Cajun Born (Cash Johnny)

Left pretty Jo.I was born on the bayoo thirty miles out of LaFaiette My daddy was a Cajun man and he taught me how to plow I remember mama's breakfast goosh-goosh in the caye Steam syrup upon the banje I wish I had me some now I'm a Cajun born I'm a Cajun bred and when I die I'll be Cajun dead If I die in Alaska if I die in Ohio my soul will find it's way back to the bayou Went to church every Sunday had a French talkin' preacher man We kids joked about the preacher man cause we thought he wore a dress After church we had a party Cajun music on the phonograph Harry Short singing Jole Blon made a singer out of me I'm a Cajun born... When I get enough to marry get myself a Cajun lady Somethin' sorta like my mama cause I ain't no other no other kind And wherever fortune takes me with the breaks or makes me Memory won't forsake me got Louisiana on my mind I'm a Cajun born...