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Call Of The Wild (Cash Johnny)

Bayou bayou bayou bayou Now here's a little tale about a flock of geese Lookin' for a home and lookin' for a peace But before they're safely in the southern sand They gotta watch out for the critter called man There's a goose and a gander and a goslin' child Headin' on south at the call of the wild Honk and holler as we go gonna see the Gulf of Mexico Way up high don't fly low the long toms will get you from the old bayou Well the wind from the north it chills you to the bone And the call of the wild is callin' me come home I'll lead my band of geese a marry trip we'll navigate that mighty Mississipp' Honk and holler as we go... Bayou bayou bayou bayou Honk and holler as we go... My pappy led this band of twenty-three and the second in command included me He made one fatal slip and he flew too low the long tom's got him from the old bayou Honk and holler as we go...