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City Jail (Cash Johnny)

City jail city jail like an old scared dog I tuck my tail Bow my head and not a careless word is said Gotta sleep on the floor once more at city jail Well I was hangin' round the bus station Mindin' my own business like I always do When I saw this waitress in this bus station cafe And I thought I check out the action like I always do I'd give her the bad eye and made a few choices personal comments About what I thought mine and her possibilities could be for a team When she called the badge on me The badge grabbed me by the arm and he said What are you doin' hangin' around here for And I said for whatever's goin' around City jail city jail... He said no what I mean is what are you doin' Sayin' things like that to that lady And I said what's that lady's doin' with purple hair Well the badge said you're smart alec and I said no I ain't I'm just hungry And he said you're actin' like a smart alec And I said no that's how I act when I get hungry City jail city jail... Well he put me outside in a dark corner And before you could say hypocrite he hit me on the head And I said oooh don't hit me on the head I can't protect myself with the handcuffs on Please don't hit me on the head then he hit me again he hit me again he hit me again And I said oh oh oh oh oh please don't stand on my feet when you hit me I break my ankles when I fall City jail city jail... Well about that time they threw me in the wagon And that waitress walked out with a sailor I said hey you not you I'm talkin' to the purple people eater Yes you lady quote you're the cause of it all unquote Then she said to that sailor said get me away from that horrible man Harry City jail city jail... Well as they hauled me away I said everybody have a nice evening