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Harley (Cash Johnny)

Harley didn't have no education he could hardly read and write He was locked into a dead-end occupation his future didn't look too bright He worked eighteen years on the assembly line Just gettin' by with a little bit of overtime And that could be the end of this story of mine but it's just the beginning Late one night when he was workin' graveyard Harley got himself this big idea All he's have to do is change one little screw a save millions of dollars a year So he worked and he saved till he could open his own shop Money started rollin' in like it wasn't gonna stop So Harley bought a mountain built a mansion on top So the losers could see whom was winnin' Only in America with nothin' but a dream only in America where every man's king First Harley's daughter Janet found a guru she gave him everything she owned Then Harley junior joined some kind of rockband And walked around all day about half stoned His wife watched TV all the time cause she got bored Then one day she found a TV preacher she adored And she gave all of Harley's hard earned money to the Lord Harley started drinkin' wound up in Betty Ford to see if he could by a happy ending Then some kid who worked in Harley's factory he got himself this big idea Figured out how to do it with compures drove Harley out of business in a year Now Harley's back working the assembly line Just gettin' by with a little bit of overtime But don't count Harley out cause he ain't the quittin' kind He stares at that computer with one thing on his mind How to make them things more user-friendly Only in America... Only in America...