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I Wish I Was Crazy Again (Cash Johnny)

I met an old friend this morning And I stopped him and called him by name I said, "The years haven't changed you But he said, "Good Lord, how you've changed!" So we stood there and talked on the corner And remembered the good times we had Then he asked if we're happy together And I only smiled and I said "Yes, she keeps me off the streets And she keeps me out of trouble Sometimes at night, Lord, when I hear the wind I wish I was crazy again, yes, I wish I was crazy again" Then we stopped in at a tavern We had us a round or two We called ourselves old desperado's, old desperado's As old friends are likely to do We sat for a while and remembered Then he said, "Let's have just one more" I said, "I'd sure like to join you But best be goin' on home" "Yes, she keeps me off the streets She keeps me off the streets"