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I'd Rather Have You (Cash Johnny)

I'd rather go to a rodeo then shoppin' on rodeo drive I'd rather lay on the grass with you and watch the planes than to have to fly I'd rather have you than ringling and barnum & baily circus with all three rings And the high trapeez and the lady on the horse and the train that carries them thru Stacked up against all the gold in africa, I'd rather have you I'd rather share a hotdog with you than dinner with the president Offer me a castle on a mountain top, I'll take you in a tent I'd rather be alone with you than to have my very own satellite To talk and sing and say everything to everybody, do whatever i wanna do And to be number one on who is who, I'd rather have you I don't crave applause and praise or holidays with my way paid I don't want to incorporate nor to be top rate nor a head of state I don't want to play the digery-do nor the sitar or the kazoo Just the two of us alone will do, I'd rather have you I'd rather have tickets to the movies with you than the one that wins the lottery Rather walk on the beach with you than to own all the ships at sea I'd rather have you than the qe2 and the eiffel tower, the royal jewels And the brooklyn bridge, and the toll pay to go thru And throw in a texas well or two, I'd rather have you